Please make reservations and questions from e-mail


If you do not need a photo album, the following will be free.
False eyelashes
Nail tip rental
Hair flower
Usually 30 photos taken → 70 or more

Terms of service

Please note that we do not take any responsibility or liability for such as itching or getting a
rash due to make-up or make-up removal.

Using mobile phones is not allowed in the studio.

・★無断での自撮りは禁止です。その際は罰金がかかります。(5 分4,000 円になります)
Self-portrait photography on a mobile phone without permission is not allowed. In that case
you will be charged a fine. (It will be 4,000 yen for 5 minutes)

We have some qualifications; Hairdresser・Makeup・Dressing・tea ceremony・flower
arrangement・Photographer. In addition, we have qualifications (6 kinds) of lecturers in the

・★デジタルカメラ・一眼レフもご用意ございますが、プロのカメラマンも推奨する iphone8Plus
We also have a digital camera / single lens reflex, but we use an iPhone 8 Plus camera
recommended by a professional photographer.

合は 弁償していただく場合がございますので、お気をつけください。お怪我などにもご注意くだ
さい。 万が一、お怪我をなさっても一切の責任を負いかねます。
There are delicate sets and equipment inside the studio, so please note that you may be
compensated if you break it when you go to the restroom or moving around in the studio.
Please be aware of injuries as well. Even if you get injured by any chance, we do not take
any responsibility.

対する回答として、 LINEや電話などを利用いたします。それ以外には使用いたしません。
Personal information that we have received from customers will be used for telephone calls
etc. as contact from us, shipping service, and answering to guidance and questions. Other
than that, we will not use it.

In case of blond hair it will only be Japanese hairpin.

Instagram@ henshin_studio_adebasu